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An eCourse on MCAT Learning and Thinking Mastery

Mere memorization of formulas and facts is insufficient; success hinges on your capacity to deftly wield your understanding in an MCAT-relevant context. Since 2012, we have helped more than 5,000 students from a wide range of backgrounds succeed. We have an established track record: our students average in the 80th percentile on the MCAT.

Elevate Your MCAT Prep

The true value of an MCAT preparatory course lies in cultivating the crucial ability to contextualize and apply that knowledge effectively within the MCAT framework. Our curriculum guides you to distill the breadth of content you’ve mastered into strategic, context-driven problem-solving tailored to the unique challenges posed by the MCAT. 

Unlocking Potential: A Deep Dive into the MCAT eCourse Structure

        • Strategy-Based Course: Learning effective test-taking strategies can significantly improve performance on the MCAT.

        • Flexible Course Scheduling: 60, 90, and 180 day schedules.

        • 60+ Hours of On-Demand Lectures: High-yield MCAT topic videos covering the entire AAMC outline for CP, BB, and PS.

        • 3 Full-Length MCAT Tests: Over 207 BB, CP, and PS passages

        • Access to 3,800+ Discrete Questions: Additional practice questions across all MCAT Topics.

        • Includes CARS Deluxe Bootcamp:

            • 5-Hr CARS Basics Workshop

            • 180 CARS Practice Passages

            • 35+ Hours of passage explanation videos

            • 30 Advanced CARS Modules

            • 70+ Hours of video explanations of all AAMC CARS QPack 1 & 2 + CARS Diagnostic passages

            • High-yield explanations covering all of the AAMC Section Bank questions written by 100th percentile tutor

        • Complete Review Course for the entire MCAT

Sample video –  CARS Workshop Passage  

Sample Video – Mastering the MCAT  

Invest in Your Future: Unleash Your Potential with Our Premier MCAT eCourse

Maximizing MCAT Success: Strategies for High Achievement

Similar to chess, effective strategies are crucial for MCAT success. Experimentation and practice are essential for refining these strategies. The optimal practice involves engaging and learning from Testing Solutions’ Instructors, who possess the expertise to guide and enhance your proficiency in the MCAT exam.